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  • How To Improve English Fluency by changing the way of Thinking?
    How To Improve English Fluency by Changing the Way of Thinking?

    As we all know, English is the language of communication. In every aspect, English is required everywhere to convey the message. It is also known as the language of the universe. In today’s world, English is the one language needed everywhere. To get a job, or to get respect from the organization, fluency in English

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  • Metaphor Vs Simile In Spoken English: What’s The Difference?

    Metaphor and Simile are the literary devices that are used in English to make a comparison. There is a difference between Simile and Metaphor. Both are being used in their unique way. To know what is the difference between metaphor and simile in spoken English? get into Spoken English Classes in Tambaram. Identifying the Simile

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