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Metaphor Vs Simile In Spoken English: What’s The Difference?

Metaphor and Simile are the literary devices that are used in English to make a comparison. There is a difference between Simile and Metaphor. Both are being used in their unique way. To know what is the difference between metaphor and simile in spoken English? get into Spoken English Classes in Tambaram.

Identifying the Simile and Metaphor will be a little tricky. Here all the Similes are Metaphors, but all the Metaphors are not Similes. 


A simile is nothing but a figure of speech expressing the similarities. While using simile in writing a good approach should be made to the sentences. A simile is saying something is like something else.


Metaphor is also a figure of speech that compares one thing to another. In Metaphor, the comparison would be rhetorical.

The Major difference between Simile and Metaphor

A Metaphor combines two unlike things and, a Simile describes the unrelated and inanimate object.

These both are also called figurative speech. The difference between the Metaphor and Simile gives the power to phrase a sentence. These have different meanings in each sentence. 

Examples of Simile and Metaphor

She is strong as a rock.

She is the Rock of my life.

She is as cunning as a fox.

Is she not a real fox?

Where are Simile and Metaphor used?

The most commonly used are Simile in our day-to-day conversation. Metaphor is used in literature, writing. etc. But it is not like similes are not used in literature, they are used but not like Metaphors. Get into Spoken English Classes in Velachery to learn the difference between Metaphor and Simile.

Have a note in Simile most probably used words as and like.

In Metaphor, they directly combine and form sentences.

How to use Simile and Metaphor in writing

Figurative speech is used sparingly. Some of the sentences contain a lot of old, redundant expressions, making them sound dated or even clichéd. In language subject matters. Try to understand the usage of words and make use of similes and metaphors in sentences. Vocabulary and context are the only obstacles to inventing new expressions to enhance writing.