Software Testing

What Is Software Testing And Its Importance

What is software testing?

Software testing is testing the software to find bugs or flaws. It is the process of finding the defects in software and making it error-free by meeting up with the requirements of customers. Software testing can be done in two ways one is manual, and the other is automation testing can be done. To know more about software testing and its importance, join Software Testing Course in Chennai at FITA Academy.

Why is software testing important?

Software testing is necessary because of several reasons. One of the primary purposes of software testing is to find the bugs and meet up to the requirements of the customers.

Some of the software testing importance’s are:

1)It Saves Money:

One of the importance of software testing is cost-effectiveness. It saves a lot of money. While we are testing the software beforehand, we reserve a lot of future problems. It helps us from saving a lot of time and money, which may lead to more significant problems if not found while testing at the early phase of the software development.


Security is essential for any software being developed. The users using the software will look for the safety and security of the stored and used data. Software testing protects vulnerability for the software to run effectively. The software needs to be tested to be secured without losing the credibility of the software. To learn more about the security of the software testing Software Testing Course.

3)Quality Product:

It is essential for building a quality product. Software testing provides the quality for the software product to run effectively. The product helps to bring value to the customers. It should ensure the effective use of the customer’s experiences. It provides the necessary compatibility of the software.

4)Satisfaction Of Customer:

It is necessary to keep the software to create customer satisfaction. Thus it is vital to create¬†long-term benefits for the customers; it is crucial to develop the customers’ trust to make the product essential for the effectiveness of the software. One cannot run an application without customer satisfaction. It is the key to running the software effectively.

5)Enhancing Process Development:

Quality Assurance can help you find a wide range of scenarios and errors to reproduce the error. It is straightforward, and the developers must fix it as soon as possible. In addition, software testers should collaborate with the development team in parallel, which helps to accelerate the development process.


I hope it is you have gained an insight into software testing and its importance. It is vital to know the purpose of software testing and its importance. Software testing is done to meet the customer’s satisfaction with the process of quality software testing. Join the course Software Testing Institute in Bangalore to learn about software testing.

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