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Things Need To Be Known About Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing Before Choosing The Right Supplier

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Plastic profiles are fabricated by a process known as plastic extrusion. It is a manufacturing process where raw materials are made to meltdown and then form into a continuous profile through a die and series of forming plates. Plastic extrusion creates all types of different items and is particularly useful for manufacturing tubing, window frames, pipes, and weather stripping. So before choosing Plastic Sheet Manufacturers In Chennai, there are several criteria that need to be taken into consideration as the ability of the suppliers varies within the industry.

Things Need To Be Known About Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing Before Choosing The Right Supplier:

Process Types:

Different extrusion processes can include extrusion, brown film extrusion, co-extrusion, sheet/film extrusion, over jacketing extrusions, and compound extrusions.

Main Materials:

Ideally, the grade and the material type should be specified and defined on the drawing. There are various types of grades for each of the important extrudable materials. Most extrusion companies are capable of extruding UPVC, PVC, LDPE, PP, HDPE, Polystyrene, and Polycarbonate.


The most popular application of extrusion is pipe manufacturing with diameters up to an average maximum of 1600 mm in PVC and HDPE. A carton box manufacturer in Chennai says that the maximum extent of tubes is defined by the size of the coils used at the end of the line. For pipes, the maximum distance varies between manufacturers as the main constraint is the length of the extrusion line.

Tooling Investment:

Traditional extrusion needs low investment in tooling compared to injection molding. A simple extrusion die and forming plates cost less depending on the complexity, size, and tolerances to achieve.

Production Speed And Capacity:

Standard profiles can run at speeds up to 30-35m/min for the simplest and smallest designs. For larger output, complex or hollow designs require slow line speeds to allow sufficient time for the material to cool in the water tank. The production capacity for a profile can be taken into account depending on the line speed, the number of production shifts, and the number of production days per week.

Thus, the Packaging Material Manufacturers In Chennai have given a clear picture of all the above things which need to be known about plastic extrusion manufacturing before choosing the right supplier so that flaws could be avoided appropriately.