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Secrets for building good websites

web designing training in ChennaiThere are around thousands of websites which are built every day, it is very important to build websites which would be liked by all the visitors and that is user friendly and web responsive. There are some factors which the websites appealing and user friendly, when the developer takes care of the following things, or when the developers implement these points into the websites then the website will be preferred by the masses.

  • Spacing– Many of the developers who build websites tend to ignore this point. Spacing is one of the most important factors which enhance the look and feel of the website if used correctly. Using right spacing can improve the readability and design of the websites.

Spacing would be used consistency throughout the website in the menu bar to everything. Apart from using the space efficiently the developer should also concentrate on using white spaces efficiently. Using white space to the optimum can do wonders visually.

  • Navigation-Many website owners prefer to use complicated navigation which would look appealing to them but it would be very complicated for the users to navigate. The navigation bar should be usually easy and straight forward with simple headings. The user should easily identify what he is looking for.
  • About us page– The reflection of the business is usually shown in the about us page. Many site owners tend to write very long and irrelevant content in the about us page. They think that this might impress the visitors, but after the visitor has gained the necessary information in other pages he would not be able to read long content in the about us page. Instead the content on the about us page be short and crisp and up to the point. This would be well preferred.
  • Contact us page- The designers design the contact us page in many ways, they do their best which will suit the design. The web site would be having the contact us page with a contact form or with contact details with text. Both the methods would work as long as the user finds it easy to understand the information provided.


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