How To Study Physics For Neet Examination And Why It Is Tough

How To Study Physics For Neet Examination And Why It Is Tough


Understanding physics is a nightmare for every NEET aspirant. Since most of them have a fear of mathematics, the first few chapters of physics seem pretty similar to maths. On the whole, both the subjects are completely opposite. Maths is a subject about numbers, while physics is a subject that uses mathematics to study the universe and it needs the complete understanding of the individual to study it. That is why joining the Neet Coaching Centres in Chennai can be reducing the aspirant’s stress on this subject. According to the exam pattern of NEET 2023, there will be 45 questions for physics. The subject will be divided into two sections, the first section consists of 35 questions and the second section consists of 15 questions in which 10 questions have to be attended. In this article, we are going to take a look at how to study physics for the NEET examination and why it is tough. 

Why Physics Is A Tough Subject In Neet :

Physics is a tough subject for people who fail to understand it. Since most of the students try to solve the equation by mathematics and fail to understand how that works in real life. For people who understand the concept of how this equates to real life, physics will become one of the most interesting subjects for them. Hence trying to understand the concepts will really benefit in cracking physics. 

How To Study Physics: 

Just like I mentioned before, the first few chapters in physics are mechanics and calculus. Which do have a lot of numbers which brings back the memories of mathematics. The Best Neet Coaching Centre in Chennai teaches the aspirants that like physics, mathematics has also concepts of real life and by understanding both subjects, the students can score high marks. Here are some tips on how to study physics.

Avoid Extremism:

There are two types of people when it comes to studying physics for NEET, one who over-studies each and every chapter, another one who completely ignores the physics questions. Being on either side will never end in a good way. Physics only consist of 25% of NEET’s question paper, hence trying to focus more on that may have bombing effect on the other 75%. The aspirants must divide their time equally for all the subjects. 

Avoid The JEE Books:

Inorder to prepare for NEET the students doesn’t need to understand the advance level JEE. since the engineering aspirants have a immense knowledge in mathematics. Physics is a naturally easier subject to them. Nevertheless since most of the NEET aspirants choose to never study maths after the class of 10. It is not right to compare the knowledge of physics of the aspirants. By sticking to the physics book recommended by the Top 10 Neet Coaching Centres in Chennai is enough to clear this subject.

Keep A List Of All The Formulas: 

Most of the toppers suggest that maintaining a list of all the important formulas at the end of the rough sheet will help you solve the problems in a reasonable amount of time. This will really help in regaining the information faster, so that you could move on to the next question. Even the Neet Academy in Chennai also suggests the same.