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Features of angularjs

angularjs training in chennai

angularjs training in chennaiAfter the popularity of angularJs there has been a rapid growth in the usage of angularJs. AngularJs is supported by Google and so there is a good customer support. The developers can resolve their problem easily with the support which is provided by the AngularJs support. This framework is built by a group of professionals to give the best user experience. AngularJs is the best option to replace Jquery and it is somewhat successful to capture the users who are using Jquery. There are some core advantages that we get when we use angular for our web development purpose and these points will be taught in detail while you do angularjs training. They are as follows-

  • Ease in data binding– The data binding is easy with angularJs. There is an automatic synchronization of data between two components wiz. View and components. This saves a lot of time of the developers as well as it easies the work of the developer.
  • Scope– Scope acts as a form of glue which binds the controller and the viewer. These are the objects which refer to as model.
  • Controller– For every particular JavaScript function there is a separate controller; this controller acts as the trigger to execute the command. Controller is the most important feature of the angularJs.
  • Services-According toangularjs training institute in Chennai the reason why angularJs has become a rage among the developers is because, there are many inbuilt services which are offered by angularJs which helps the developer to get the output with ease. For e.g. there is a service such as $http which makes the XML Http request. Apart from this there are many singleton services which are initiated only once in an app. These are the single command helps the developer to call wherever it is necessary. The developer need not repeat the same functions repeatedly.
  • Deep linking– With angularJs deep linking can be done very easily. Deep linking allows the developer to embed a particular link in the form of an anchor text. When the visitor of the web site clicks this anchor text he would be redirected to some other page. When the user comes back to the page the functionalities used in the angularJs restores the page as it is and this is very useful for maintaining the site quality.
  • Dependency injections– When the developer uses angularJs he gets a built-in dependency injection subsystem. When you completeangularjs training in Chennai you will come to know that by using this functionality the developer can easily create, test and understand the applications. This helps the developer in saving in time as he does not use the outside applications for the testing purpose.

The above stated are one of the many advantages of using angularJs.