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Easy Tips On How To Prepare Current Affairs in 2021 For UPSC Exam?

UPSC Previous Year’s Question Papers

Current affairs are a really prominent component for Civil services examination. It may be a dynamic and undefined part that puts everyone into confusion about the way to affect it. you would like to possess a technique to organize for the present affairs section. You have to analyze the UPSC Previous Year’s Question Papers to urge a basic understanding of the sort of questions that are generally being asked from the present affairs section.  In this article you will learn easy tips on how to prepare current affairs in 2021 for UPSC exam:

Focus on issues and not news:

You ought to always search for something quite the news and headlines because they typically ask questions on the problems. So you have to understand the problems of the news and make notes on them. News is that the incident but issues are the ideas.

Note making: 

You ought to practice making notes online or offline because it helps you in quick revisions before the exam. The most important point you ought to remember while preparing the Current affairs for UPSC, It should be short and up to the purpose. In the UPSC exam, you will be allowed to write down 250 words (maximum) for an issue for any topic. You should use pointers, flow charts, mindmaps, etc for creating notes. 

Choose quality over quantity: 

Do your research for each day or two, choose your sources, and persist with it i.e. try to read everything from the source you chose, so you have to choose your source wisely. You will do exactly fine. Not everything which comes up within the newspapers is vital for the UPSC exam, you ought to always avoid news on issues like, political parties, in-depth details on the share market, sports news, and entertainment, etc.

Focus on keywords: 

Make short notes after reading a subject several times, as they’re going to assist you to spot the keywords. This is often another important solution to the question of the way to prepare for current affairs. So search for keywords during the preparation of a particular topic because keywords are vital for Current Affairs Vision IAS


The simplest method of revision is you have to re-write again and again. Everyone knows that nothing is better than revision for them. These methods will make sure that you actually capture more of the present affairs in a manner relevant to the present exam. Revise daily and execute them within the answers.

Answer-writing practice: 

Practice writing on a day today. there’s no substitute for answer-writing so you want to learn it before it’s too late. You ought to prepare yourself well. Keep answering keeping in mind how an IAS officer would answer. You should learn from your mistakes and improve from them. You need to read an article from a newspaper, you need to frame an issue. 

Thus, the above are easy tips to prepare for current affairs in 2021. Hope it will help you! All the Best!