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Tips for getting into Rented Office Space

Making the decision to lease Office for Rent in Chennai can often be one of the biggest milestones of a person’s life. It is like having a baby, except that the baby is your new business.

Like any new parent, the choices you make for your new baby (business) will often have a big impact on its growth later on in life. Renting office space will often be indicative of your current success, as well as pave the way for your future success down the road.

There are five key factors that we hear time and time again that new businesses find critical when first leasing London office space. We’ve listed them here, and we suggest you study and map them out very carefully before putting your name on the dotted line.


  1. Parking

So you want the suite that’s in the heart of downtown, surrounded by nothing but other Commercial Property for Rent in Chennai buildings? Well, that’s fine, but you better be sure you have a parking plan in place for you and your employees, or most days you will probably just end up wanting to stay home.

Parking is consistently the number one factor we hear is most important, AFTER the client has already signed the lease and been in the office for several months. Before they sign the lease however, it is always location.

You want to have a smooth ride to and from work for you and your employees, without having to pay a meter, find a space, or worry about a ticket. You also don’t want your clients to have to worry about that either, so be sure to have your own spaces reserved somewhere close by.


  1. Location

The priority of location in determining a lease should take several factors into consideration.

The first is if you are a front end commercial business, that is to say you sell your product or service directly from your office. If you are, then location is paramount. If you don’t, and you are just performing logistical work or remote business activities, then location should take a back seat to our other four factors.


  1. Cost

You will want to become a mini expert on what’s available before you sign your office lease, or else hire a real estate agent who is. If you don’t do your homework beforehand, then you may end up paying thousands of dollars more for a less-equipped space, when a cheaper one was right next door.


  1. Flexibility

This is especially important in office space for start-up companies. While you want to remain modest and pay for only what you need in the short term, you also want to have the option to expand quickly along with your company.

This means you should always have an “out” in your contract if something goes wrong, or if things go spectacularly right.

One of the best ways to do this is to have an “upgrade option” that many companies will offer. This means you sign, say, a 6 month lease, but if you want to upgrade to a larger space within that time period, you are not charged with any lease-breaking fees.


  1. Amenities

Finding Commercial Office Space for Rent in Chennai in a good location is difficult enough, but once you do, you still have to negotiate all the little extras that come with it.

The most important of these will be the all-important “conference room” that is so lauded among big and small businesses alike.

Even if you deal with most of your customers remotely, you will very soon come to realize the importance of the conference room. Friends, suppliers, employees, partners, affiliates, investors, charities, and the guys next door, all seem to stop by more than you would expect. Having a place to sit down and talk with them will be a much-maligned oversight if left out.

There is also phone, fax, copy machines, printers, broadband, TV’s, telecom, and many other things you will have to take into consideration as well. Many buildings make more profit off these things than they do on the rent, so be sure and upgrade wisely.

That just about wraps it up for this brief introduction to the wide world of renting office space. Be sure to do your homework and your future success should be as good as gold.