Wednesday, 15/7/2020 | 3:14 UTC+0

The importance of school environment

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that the fundamental role of education is to scheme the mind and character of students and help them achieve a positive perspective towards life. But, what good is knowledge if it is inadequate to cover the path towards a happy and well-adjusted life? Matriculation schools in Vellore have gained enormous popularity for inspiring great intellectual knowledge among the pupils. However, with the growing population and approximately less number of good choices at a higher level, scholars are suffering dire competition that has reaped a toll on them. Comfort curriculum today has become important for schools.

Students these days sanctify a sizeable whole of time on their instructors and it is extremely common for them to ignore their own selves amongst the widely pressurizing and striving for the academic environment. They face strength and struggle not only in the sphere of education but also in other fields of their school life; they deal with tyrants, peer influence, psychic health issues like depression and agitation. Students are not from the top 10 schools in Vellore are often feel underestimated and deal with self-confidence problems which drive to lack of erudition and social skills due to which their opinions and perceptions are overcome and they usually end up protecting a life full of loneliness and anxiety.

In such a troublesome and exhausting environment, it is imperative for schools to have peace curriculum and to make differences in their curriculum and include pursuits that would not only modify the outlook of pupils towards life but also advance their self-confidence and endorse their state of satisfaction.  Not a fun fact our country is got the 133rd place in the World Happiness Index in the recent survey. This is not solely a factual observation but a sad truth that Indians have skipped their own reality and have totally gone wandering.

Lack of comfort and joy in the lives of the teens of India shows the grave situation faced by Indian pupils. Thus, many of age it becomes vigorous for students to persist jovially. The scrutiny of all the above circumstances indicates a dire necessity for the enactment of a peace syllabus in Indian schools.


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