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The evolution and importance of Hadoop:

Data science has become the trending topic now since it is more related to data security and data analysis. In many countries like China and Russia data privacy is given more weight as it leads to criminal activities. Malaysia started first statistics department under the government control. The government statistical department of Malaysia is having the first set of certified data scientists. Data science is very useful in the medical field also. Booz Allen Hamilton and Kaggle, a consulting firm launch the data science bowl which is the competition to the young scientists. Earlier research was about heart disease, lung disease and ocean health. Verizon acquires Niddelcorp for the machine learning. Nidel acquires the customer data and analyzes the threats in customer networks. Facebook is expanding the machine learning infrastructure to provide data security to the users. Thus, data privacy is the need of the hour for the government and famous products like Facebook.

After learning big data there are huge opportunities in the government and top private companies. So, the demand and the interest enhanced the fame to the Big Data Training in Chennai. Hadoop and big data are built on the top of Java and python. For understanding Hadoop database knowledge and programming knowledge is important. So, the intended learners can be the database managers, programmers or fresher with ample interest over the technology.

Importance of Hadoop:

Machine learning is one of the concepts from Hadoop, which is useful for knowing the hacking techniques and preventing the data. Machine learning is the new SQL for the Hadoop technology which can be done using either by R programming or Python. Principal Component Analysis(PCA)/SVD, Least Squares and Polynomial Fitting, Constrained Linear Regression, K means Clustering, Logistic Regression, and SVM (Support Vector Machines) are some of the algorithms used for machine learning.  Big data is the new technology, which interests much fresher to join the Big Data Training. As per a report from the Allied Market Research, Hadoop is expected to reach $16.1 billion by 2020 which stood at $1.5 billion in the year 2012. The huge vacancies in the Companies need the qualified professionals who have learned the Big Data Course in Chennai. Hadoop is accepted by the enterprise solution and small businesses which shows it is at a reasonable cost and supports the advanced level of analysis.

Big data have been used to process the mundane data with virtual reality which is done with the help of cloud speed and security. 77 percent of the company is using big data to process the huge data with data privacy. Data is used in emergency situations like a flood, disease, etc. to distribute the food to the needy persons. So, learning Hadoop Training in Chennai opens the door to multiple vacancies in the companies.”Analytics Advantage” survey overseen by Tom Davenport, says that ninety-six percent of the organizations say that analytics will become more important for their organizations in the next three years in analyzing the huge data. Big data is important because there are so many unused data commercially and personally. If we use these data wisely then it is easy to solve the complex business problems.


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