Monday, 14/6/2021 | 8:47 UTC+0
  • Cloud Computing Training in Chennai

    The mobile devices have made cloud computing an essential part nowadays than ever before. Actually cloud is not a device which is used for extra data storage but it is used practically for data scaling, efficient usage, management of resources, easy access to the data storage. These are the aspects that made cloud computing training

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  • Salesforce Training in Chennai
    Top Competitive advantages of using Salesforce CRM

    Salesforce is most popular and widely used CRM (customer relationship management) tool in the world. This tool gained immense popularity due to its incredible features, extensive resources and functionalities. Salesforce is used by most of the companies ranging from large corporate to small business to effectively maintain their business process. It has revolutionized some important

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  • Hadoop Training: Advantages of Learning Big Data Technologies

    Hadoop is the collection of large dataset which cannot be handled and processed by the older data processing applications. Based on recent survey, about 90% of data is created in last two years. The expansion of internet and social networking platforms is major reason for huge data collection.  So, there is huge demand for advanced

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  • Ethical hacking Course in Chennai
    Why should I learn ethical hacking Courses?

    Now a day, technology beating all the resource which providing job opportunity for the fresher’s. Most of the IT jobs only based on fresh IT technologies. If you are interested to do any of the IT courses to get dazzling career, I suggest everyone to learn Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai, which provides huge career

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  • angularjs training in chennai
    Features of angularjs

    After the popularity of angularJs there has been a rapid growth in the usage of angularJs. AngularJs is supported by Google and so there is a good customer support. The developers can resolve their problem easily with the support which is provided by the AngularJs support. This framework is built by a group of professionals

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  • digital marketing training in Chennai
    Social media marketing strategies

    As we all are aware that today there are about 4 billion people on social media websites which include, Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Social media marketing which is a part of digital marketing is very useful mode of marketing. Almost all the social media websites offer marketing option by which a digital marketer can run

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  • selenium training
    Selenium Training: Introduction to Selenium Automation Testing Tool

    Selenium is most popular automation testing tool used for validating web applications. This testing tool is compatible with most of the operating systems and web browsers. Selenium is highly flexible, feature loaded, open source and user friendly testing tool available in the market. Developers can write test scripts in several programming languages such as C,

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  • AngularJS Training in Chennai
    AngularJS role in Web development:

    Over the past two decades web development played vital role in the IT industry, In order to create an attractive websites, we used only hyperlink and markup in that time period. CSS, HTML and JavaScript are the three major sources we are applying to the platform of web development. Still the importances of these three

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  • dot net training
    Dot Net Training in Chennai – Introduction to Visual Studio and SQL Server

    Asp.Net is most popular programming language used for developing dynamic web application. Development by Microsoft Corporation, Asp.Net is used by web developers across the world for creating web applications. As compared to .Net, which is a software development framework, Asp.Net is a programming language that supports development of dynamic and elegant desktop and web applications

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