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Massage in Chennai

The study of cancer virus is known as Oncology. Oncology massage is nothing but cancer treatment via Massage in Chennai in which your mind, body and spirit can be beneficial by massage therapy. The specialist in oncology massage is known as Cara Thurman, a licensed massage therapist at cancer wellness. The massage therapists explain to cancer patients what type of massage is best for them undergoing cancer treatment as well as the many benefits of massage therapy.

Massage therapy is a form of touch that causes no pain for the cancer patients. Oncology massage is a form of compassionate, non-invasive, touch says therapists. You must know that there is a difference between traditional massage and oncology massage before you book a massage appointment. Oncology massage is very specialized when compared to traditional massage. It uses slow and light touch, steady movements, working with the central nervous system to help the body relax. The therapy is safe for oncology patients as long as they are seen by someone trained in oncology massage. The massage therapy is safe to have a massage everyday if you are working with the most properly trained massage therapist depending on your schedule and budget. Your therapist should understand how to work around medical devices and have some experience with lymphedema. Always talk to your doctor to make sure it is right for you before undergoing massage treatment in oncology SPA in Chennai.

Benefits of Oncology massage:

The treatment in cancer makes your anxiety and body stress and puts your central nervous system on high alert. 

During cancer treatment, our body sometimes forgets that feeling of actually being relaxed. Even patients don’t know that they may be stressed and anxious, so we work to relax the central nervous system so our body has time and space to heal and fight cancer. 

We also work on fingers and toes to help nerve endings calm and decrease pain and tingling. 

The most benefits include better sleep, fewer headaches, better ability to tolerate cancer treatment side effects, less chemotherapy induced numbness, less chemotherapy related nausea, less chronic pain either from the cancer itself or treatment.

 During chemotherapy treatment infusions, they are often anxious and in pain, their ports may not work, they may have difficulty getting comfortable in their chair which may make them sick.

With reflexology during chemotherapy, people are going to get all the benefits in life which make them happy. Hand and foot massages can relax the entire body of the patient because of the pressure points in those parts.

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