Wednesday, 15/7/2020 | 12:48 UTC+0

Hadoop Training: Advantages of Learning Big Data Technologies

Hadoop is the collection of large dataset which cannot be handled and processed by the older data processing applications. Based on recent survey, about 90% of data is created in last two years. The expansion of internet and social networking platforms is major reason for huge data collection.  So, there is huge demand for advanced technologies to handle large data, which we denote as Hadoop Framework.

Hadoop is an open source framework used to handle and process large amount of data using simple programming architecture. This framework is developed by Apache and available under open source license. Hadoop framework is purely written on java programming language and requires strong technical skills on Java and Hadoop framework. Being open source and most effective platform, Hadoop technology used everywhere. Thus, it increased the career prospects of Hadoop professionals across the globe.

In the market, there is huge difference between the job vacancies and skilled professionals. Taking Hadoop Training in Chennai ensure better future for talented professionals.

Taking Hadoop training is extremely useful for freshers and experienced professionals who are trying to switch into big data technologies. Nowadays, Java professionals with strong technical expertise are hugely moving to Hadoop technologies. After completing the course, you become as most demanding IT professional in big data world.

Nowadays, business hugely depends on data based decision over traditional business process. They totally rely on data analytics to compare their progress. In such situation, they need to process large amount of data, where Hadoop technology will plays a significant role.

 Why Hadoop Training is Important:

  • For java professionals, Hadoop Training is boon and helps you to enter most demanding technology with good salary package.
  • You can start your career as Hadoop developer, Hadoop Admin, Hadoop Architect and Data Scientist.
  • Technical professionals who look for better career platform can take Hadoop training to secure their career.

Benefits of Taking Hadoop Training Chennai at FITA:

  • Doing Hadoop course in Chennai at FITA is hugely valuable. It assists you to learn Hadoop technology from expert with more than 5+ years of industry experience.
  • With us, you can take online and classroom based training based on your convenience
  • To facilitate job seekers and working professionals we offer both weekday and weekend class
  • With our customized training syllabus and practical training, you can learn Hadoop technology at your pace.
  • Lab facilities and Hadoop installed systems to offer practical oriented training.
  • Once completing our Big Data Course in Chennai, we offer 100% placement assistance right from resume preparation.