Wednesday, 15/7/2020 | 12:41 UTC+0

Generation in Mobile phones:

In our life we are using lot of gadgets like watch, camera, laptops, i-pod, hand video game, etc. This all are invented only because of technology. People understand the technology and introducing new types of things every day of life. But the one invention which changed our lives dramatically is called mobile phones. It is one of the best gadgets invented by people.  After this invention the way of living become immense change. You should be very concern when purchasing this valuable one. Showrooms like Samsung, Micromax, Lenovo mobile showroom in Chennai, etc. providing a better product. What are all the activities we did it all replaced by this device. For example letter writing this is one traditional form of communication process where people used. Even in my family before ten years we exchanged our thought through letters. But now it was replaced by mobile phones. Like this watches, alarm, clock, etc. are replaced. Actually this is not the drawbacks it is the development of technology.

We have different types in mobile phones. Smart phones, feature phones and basic phones. Let’s see their differences.

Basic phones (First generation): It is the oldest and starting form of mobile phone. It does not have many features and mainly used for communication like to make calls and text messaging. Application like FM, calendar, one or two games, clocks, etc. are programmed.

Feature phones (Middle generation): This is the next level of mobile phones. It is between the basic and smart phones. In is they introduced browsing and some introducing applications. Nowadays feature phones providing Wi-Fi, touch screen, GPS navigation, mobile broadband, etc.

Smart phones (Latest generation): Now we are to see a giant technology. Smart phones are an apt name for this and the smart phone users are smart people. Smart phones are also called as mini notebooks. It is powered by an operating system such as Android, IOS and Windows. We can get information whichever we want by the place where we are. It makes you to be engage in social media, which helps you to be in update about the world. Better camera, fast browsing, google maps, high graphical games, etc. are all best qualities. One more interesting thing is Selfie. It is very popular among the people.

These are the different generation of mobile phones and expecting something more advanced one in future.