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Dot Net Training in Chennai – Introduction to Visual Studio and SQL Server

dot net training

dot net training

Asp.Net is most popular programming language used for developing dynamic web application. Development by Microsoft Corporation, Asp.Net is used by web developers across the world for creating web applications.

As compared to .Net, which is a software development framework, Asp.Net is a programming language that supports development of dynamic and elegant desktop and web applications using advanced tools like Visual Studio, Macromedia Dreamweaver, SQL Server, etc. Having deep expertise of visual studio and SQL server is chief requirement for developing rich, dynamic and fully functional Asp.Net applications. In this article, we are going to discuss about the advantage of taking .Net Training in Chennai.

Visual Studio:

Visual Studio is an integrated development platform that a developer needs to install in his/her computer in order to develop .Net applications. Being a flagship product from Microsoft, visual studio 2013 is the latest version which is used by web developers across the world for efficient and cost effective software development. The most incredible advantage of visual studio is that it supports data driven application development. This tool has the ability to readily and easily integrate with other technologies from Microsoft Corporation.

SQL Server:

SQL Server is most popular relational database management system used to store, manage and retrieve data as needed by the .Net applications created on Visual Studio. This popular database application allows the developers to store, find, edit and delete data from the record. Using this database system, developers can easily create and manage data tables, queries needed for processing and accessing the data from the database. SQL server can be integrated with Visual Studio Platform to develop dynamic web application which can retrieve the information from the database. Once can easily showcase a table or develop an online application form using this technology.

When a developer wants to edit the .Net application, he/she needs to use Visual Studio application. Hence, they can also go for alternative platforms like Adobe Macromedia, Dreamweaver, etc. to edit and alter the structure and features of the .Net application. For beginners, it’s advised to start with Microsoft Dot Net for deep expertise in web, desktop and mobile applications. You can enroll in Dot Net Training in Chennai from reputed IT training institute to learn .net technology from the experts.

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