Friday, 10/7/2020 | 9:25 UTC+0
  • Generation in Mobile phones:

    In our life we are using lot of gadgets like watch, camera, laptops, i-pod, hand video game, etc. This all are invented only because of technology. People understand the technology and introducing new types of things every day of life. But the one invention which changed our lives dramatically is called mobile phones. It is

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  • Latest smart phone updates

    Latest smartphone updates Apple iPhone Apple may embrace an iris scanner in the tenth-anniversary edition of the iPhone 8 model. According to a report by Digitimes, the forthcoming mobile phone will include the feature alongside an OLED display and wireless charging. A few days ago, noted analyst, Ming Chi-Kuo said that the company will unveil

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  • Mobile App
    Take Advantage of Mobile Application Development

    Mobile apps or Mobile application development is as vital as the portable networking some phones are actually designed with the capacity to hold and receive certain interesting features and attributes that gone through the installment of certain product known as versatile applications which are in fact woven database a computer programmed that is regularly intended

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