Sunday, 11/4/2021 | 12:23 UTC+0

Is Free GRE practice test enough for 320+ Score?


Scoring a 320 is every GRE Aspirant’s dream and if one can do with Free Online GRE practice test, would it really be that tough?


If you look at the Common routine of students who have decided to prepare for GRE, they almost all the time google for FREE GRE practice tests or GRE Study Guide or Study plans.  However if you look at the prep mode preferred by most of the 320 scorers, it would be Online Prep.

If you look at the reasons for this preference among students,

  1. GRE being an Online adaptive tests, demands students to have prepared in an online portal as the exam doesn’t provide any luxury in terms of time to get used to the system unlike the FREE GRE practice tests where you can pause the timer as you like.
  2. GRE prep is something that student do as an additional activity along with their academics/work and requires top most efficiency. This flexibility in efficiency is not available in FREE GRE practice test; however the online prep portals offers features like Day by Day study plan, Progress Report & trainers to optimize your preparation.


Apart from that, to improve scores in GRE you need to keep a constant check on improvement of your weaker areas. While may be possible to identify these weaker areas using few FREE GRE practice tests, might not help you improve them. You will need a diagnostic test that would provide a feedback based on your performance with at most accuracy.


Creating a Study plan based on the diagnostic test results and GRE Style tests in frequent intervals would help you track progress. Such an elusive feature would not be a part of the GRE Study guides of the FREE GRE practice test.


Apart from that, some useful tips to help you score 320 would be:

  1. Start learning 30-40 words every day from free GRE Practice tools like WordBot App.
  2. As you start covering 600-800 words, get started with some SC & TC questions from whichever mode of preparation you choose
  3. To be quick in Quant, getting accustomed to the online calculator is absolutely essential. On average students who go to GRE only through books, lose about 6 seconds each question. Lack of this facility in Free GRE practise tests puts students at major risk.
  4. Before 30 days of GRE date start taking full length adaptive tests that are more similar to GRE and are accurate. For example ETS Power prep, GREedge Portal etc.

Wish you all the best in your GRE prep!